Pneumatic Guniting & Shot Creting Machine

Pneumatic Guniting & Shot Creting Machine

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Since our establishment, our organization has been engaged in providing a broad spectrum of Pneumatic Guniting & Shot Creting Machine. This machine is suited for conveying mixer of dry cement, sand and aggregates under air pressure with sufficient quantity of water for hydration. Precisely engineered in accordance with set norms, this Pneumatic Guniting & Shot Creting Machine can be bought in vivid specifications at affordable rates.


  • Low power consumption
  • Equipped with twin chamber gun and twin water tank
  • Hassle free installation
  • Strong construction

Other Details:

Gunite is a procedure by which Plastering is sprinkled at an advanced velocity. It is characterized as mortar including Cement and Sand sent from the delivery instrumentality illustrious as Gun through hoses and Pneumatically forced via the nozzles where water is put at an advanced velocity onto an opencast. The unit of the jet impinging on the surface consolidates the material. A relatively dry mi is in general utilized so that the material is confident of encouraging itself without drooping for overhead and vertical applications.

Equipments :

  • Rubber Hoses with nozzles, Cement Guns.
  • Twinned Pressure water tanks and water hoses.
  • Adjuncts.

Usages :

  • New Structure of thin subdivisions such as shells.
  • Structure of thin walls.
  • Tunnel and Canal lining.
  • Fixing of crumbled Concrete as well as Concrete bedraggled by fire, earthquake or chemicals.
  • Swimming Pool linings.
  • Earth slopes and Stabilizing rock.
  • Refractory linings
  • Enclosing steel for fire proofing.
  • Fixtures of Hydraulic Structures such as walls and water tanks.
  • To yield cracked surface lineament where such is in demand.

Advantages :

Due to the reduced water ratio and consummate compaction consequent from the advanced velocity of placement, these products have a great density and because of the intense density, it has evidenced to be an greaseproof Protective surface for steel structures and concrete. The Gunned concrete bonds absolutely to decently fixed surfaces of different other materials such as brick, concrete, steel or rock.

Gunned concrete execute the correction work to a product of utmost hardness and abrasive opposition and approx. 60% of maximal strength is earned in seven days. The leading strength is accomplished in 28 days by utilizing average washed sand with a close to Fineness abilities from 2.415 to 2.90.

1:3 1/2


Ibs per square inch



Ibs per square inch

1: 4 1/2


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Ibs per square inch